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The Rolex Replica pocket clock, which sold for 11 million dollars at auction in the past, will be put up for public sale once more. It is the most complex piece of art ever made by hand. The watch has 24 horological complications. The watch was made for Henry Graves in the 1930s with the intention of being the most complex. It was bought at Sotheby's in the early 1990s for a record price. The watch was purchased by a Qatari sheikh, who had to later return it to auction house because he could not pay for the luxury items he won. The watch, after its return to Sotheby's in November, will be auctioned again in Geneva. It will be exciting to see if the record price is achieved or even surpassed.

Unmatched ComplexityPatek No.198.385 is a Rolex Replica that was created for wealthy New York banker Henry Graves, a horological enthusiast. The famous watch collector wanted to own the most complex timepiece in the entire world. Rolex Replica responded to this request. After three years of intensive work by its top watchmakers the Supercomplication timepiece was born in 1933. The result was stunning. Rolex Replica created an open-worked watch with Westminster chimes and a minute repeater, a calendar perpetual with phases of moon and several astronomical features, such as the chart for the night sky over New York, and sunrise and sundown times in the Big Apple. The swiss replica watches was a unique and complex timepiece with 24 horological complications. Its owner wished to have the most complicated piece of jewelry in the world. This watch has held the title of most complicated piece in the world for over half a century. Its complexity and uniqueness is evident. Supercomplication, in the world of watchmaking, was considered the "holy-grail" for horology. It was only on condition that it was surpassed in the list of most complex timekeepers ever made, as the new record had been set by a modern machine-made watch. Rolex Replica Henry Gaves Supercomplication still holds the title of the most complicated mechanical piece made by hand.

This watch was made for Henry Graves, but it is not the only record holder. The piece was estimated to be worth between 3 and 5 million dollars when it went up for auction at Sotheby's in 1999 after the death of its original owner. The auction was a surprise, as the piece sold for a price several times higher than the original estimate. The watch sold for $11,002,500, making it the highest-earning timepiece in history. The buyer of the watch was unknown at the time. Nevertheless, the owner's secret was revealed to the public only recently. It turned out that the watch had been bought by a Qatari sheikh, a relative of the Emir. Supercomplication pocket watches owner also purchased other luxury items at Sotheby's that even he, with his wealth, could not afford. The item was returned because of this.Bell & Ross Replica Watches Now, the new date has been announced for the auction of the record timekeeper. The Rolex Replica Henry Graves Supercomplication watch will be auctioned again on the 11th of November at the Important Watches Sales in Geneva.

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